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About Me


Two surgeons told me that I needed major neck and back surgery immediately. I had been in the healing business for 40 years and helped people to avoid this very thing - surgery.

I am in the business of Health and Vitality! I provide an opportunity for you to discover ways to move and think so you can stay fit and active. Disability, pain, and creakiness can inhibit your ability to do the activities you love and keep you from being happy.  I understand these things more than anyone, not simply because I am qualified, but because I have lived through this pain and myself. I understand how your body and life can be unfair and I can teach you to learn to overcome that. I can teach you to move without pain. I can help you look for happiness.

From my history as a Physical Therapist to the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, I have learned how to help people explore how they move, feel, think, and act. My PT education gave me thorough understanding of the skeleton, muscles, joints, nerves, and how disabilities and injuries can affect those parts of the body. My study of the Feldenkrais Method has given me an expanded understanding of the nervous system and how the brain can change through movement.

When your body feels better, you experience life in a more full and complete way. It allows you the space to move from living and simply dealing with pain and dis-ease into a life of physical ease thus mental ease with creativity, and passion. I help people move beyond their health goals where they are in the shape that allows them to live bigger hopes and dreams again. I want to help you stay fit and to figure out the best way for you to exercise. I can help you learn to do activities you feel you can't, no matter the cause.

My job is so exciting! I can provide an opportunity for you to discover ways to move and think so that you can feel better than you have for years. I love that! I get to share ways of growing and regaining vitality that really work. Our physical bodies are directly connected to our happiness. Not only am I helping you move better and function the way you want - I'm helping you live your dream and your passion! This work helps keep passion for life alive. The work of Feldenkrais has helped me reignite that passion for life, and that is what I love to share with those I serve.

I have been doing this work for 25 years, but, I was afraid that I might lose the ability to live the life I wanted last year. In 2014, I was in a car accident. When I found out how much damage there was to my spine I was scared and humbled. Two surgeons told me that I needed major neck and back surgery immediately. I had been in the healing profession for 40 years and helped people avoid this very thing - surgery.

I started doing what I had done with so many others in my practice. I began doing my own work, both with a trusted colleague and with myself through Awareness Through Movment. I have had the opportunity to feel out how truly amazing this work is for myself. It has now been a year of me doing my Feldenkrais work diligently. My neurosurgeon is totally astonished at my progress. I no longer have any tingling and numbness in my arms or legs, and my spine is stabilizing and healing far beyond my surgeon's expectations. I am working and playing again. I have even been able to return my other passion in life, dancing.



  1. Feldenkrais Professional Training Program January, 1991
  2. University of Southern California Masters of Science in Higher Education January, 1984
  3. Ithaca College Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy May, 1975


  1. Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, 1991
  2. Member of Feldenkrais Guild
  3. Physical Therapy license in the states of CA and NY
  4. Member American Physical Therapy Association
  5. Member of Orthopedic, Private Practice, Neurology Sections of APTA
  6. Member of Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE)
  7. Assistant Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method®

I'm the adult version of the kid who skipped gym class for years on end; I grew up without understanding what it meant to truly be in my body. As an adult, when I started to exercise (do pilates, go to the gym), I found myself in pain. Not only did I not know how to be in my body, I did not know how to make efficient use of my body. Working with Beth allowed me to find my body and make efficient use of my body. In very practical terms, working with Beth allowed me to do exercises I could never do previously and do them without pain. In less practical terms, working with Beth allowed me to find a new sense of myself. - Anne Milder

"Make the impossible, possible, the possible easy, and the easy, elegant" - Moshe Feldenkrais


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